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    A few months ago I gave birth to our second child, Judah. He is beyond perfect, but going from one child to two definitely brings some challenges. Gone are the days of having no plans and still beings able to accomplish everything around the house and still have time to paint, explore, and read for long stretches to Seren. (And also having huge amounts of time for my own hobbies.) With two children, I feel as if I am able to accomplish nothing beyond taking care of them and basic household duties (laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc.).

    But I know that it is possible! I see other families able to accomplish so much more, even with large amounts of children. But now with two little ones that still need me for just about everything, I know that to create the kind of home I dream of, I need to be proactive and intentional. No more flying by the seat of my pants and still being on top of everything. No more laying around all morning and still being able to have a spotless house and elaborate meals. (Ok, we can still have those mornings sometimes!) I don't want these precious fleeting years (and now I finally came up with a blog name hahaha) to just fly by and then realize when my children are grown that I didn't create the kind of home I dreamed for them to have.

    The kind of home where learning is fun. And exciting. A home where cuddling on the couch in front of a fire with a good book is a daily thing. A home where my children and husband know that they are (and always will be) loved unconditionally. The kind of home that goes on adventures together regularly. A home that encourages creativity. And passion. And all kinds of other good stuff. A home with children who have a love for nature and all of God's creation. Especially for other people, no matter their story. And food! A love for good food is a must.

    And so this blog is meant as a way for me to stay on track. To slow down and think about how I can use each day to encourage that kind of home. To plan out and keep track of adventures and learning experiences. Because in the words of an author that I have never had the pleasure to read, "the days are long, but the years are short."

    I have tried blogging several times in the past, and I have never been able to make blogging "stick" for me. Two times (when I was younger, and thus dumber :)) I started blogs with the hopeful intent of being able to monetize and use my blog as a source of income. However, I soon found that sucked all joy out of blogging. But even still, every few months I get a tiny feeling inside that tells me to try again. And that is what continues to lead me back to give it another go, even when I have said I would never blog again.

    But this time I want to do things differently. I am not going to blog for anyone other than myself. But if you find yourself here and are interested, please do stay. And comment! I would LOVE to be able to use this as a platform to find and befriend other like-minded (or completely different!) families.

    For now, that is all. Soon I will perhaps do some kind of introductory type post so that you can get to know me a bit better. (I don't have any readers yet so this seems a bit odd..."oh don't mind me, just introducing myself to no one over here.")

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  1. Jennifer1/20/2016

    Wow, this post is wonderful and speaks to me on so many levels! I don’t usually comment on blogs, but I hope you won’t mind if I take a few minutes to share why I feel compelled to express my feelings with you.

    You say every few months you get a tiny feeling inside telling you to try again with a blog. Likewise I get a tiny feeling every few months to follow up on your blog and see what you've posted (I'm not an avid blog reader in general). And on those occasions, like today, I'm always reminded why I enjoy your blog.

    This sentence: I know that to create the kind of home I dream of, I need to be proactive and intentional. This is so powerful and speaks so deeply to me. For months my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant. And I've been struggling with the path I want to take when we are so blessed as to have a baby. Stay at home mom? Working full time? Working part time? And reading this post has been like a moment of clarity for me. It makes me think of the kind of home I want, and from a less selfish view than I've been giving it these last several months, or years even.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this. I hope you continue to blog, even if it is on and off, so that you can continue to impact people.


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